Gap Persists, HODLers Green-Light Deals: Crypto Market Update

• This week in crypto, we looked at price predictions for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. There was persistent stunted liquidity in the market, with bullish signals such as Cathie Wood sticking with her investments and 83% of Japanese traders saying they’ll HODL their coins this year.
• Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong criticized the US SEC’s approach to staking, Coinbase suspended BUSD trading, and Nexo resolved a settlement for $22.5 million with multiple US states. Meanwhile HSBC and Nationwide Building Society limited access to cryptoassets and some of the 3AC’s NFTs will be put up for sale.
• In CBDC news, a digital dollar is being pushed by the Biden administration while Brazil designed the digital real to help new domestic businesses grow and China allowed drivers to pay tolls with its digital yuan. Visa reiterated its commitment to crypto while Goldman Sachs promoted its tokenization platform.

Bitcoin Price Predictions & Alameda Gap

This week in crypto saw bitcoin price predictions as well as ethereum price predictions and litecoin price predictions too. The Alameda Gap persisted as stunted liquidity held back the crypto market, though there were bullish signals such as Cathie Wood declaring that she would stick with her crypto investments regardless of volatility. A report also claimed that bitcoin was on track to return profitability in 2023; meanwhile 83% of Japanese crypto traders said they’ll HODL their coins this year despite persistently low prices.

Coinbase & Exchange Criticism

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong criticized the US SEC’s approach to staking while Coinbase announced the suspension of BUSD trading amid reports claiming Binance commingled different investors’ funds last year in a move “eerily” similar to FTX’s operations. Huobi and KuCoin reportedly continued providing services to customers of sanctioned Russian banks even though Russia’s central bank said legalizing cryptocurrency could “fundamentally” undermine its financial system. HSBC and Nationwide Building Society took measures to limit retail customers’ access to cryptoassets while Nexo resolved a settlement for $22.5 million with multiple US states over previous customer complaints about service issues related to fraudulent activity on its platform.

3AC NFT Sale & Texas vs Binance

Some of the 3AC’s NFTs will be put up for sale as part of efforts made by creditors trying retrieve funds from it; meanwhile Texas doubled down on its attempt to block Binance from acquiring Voyager Digital assets due legal concerns about anti-money laundering laws violations by both companies before their merger occurred last year; additionally former director of engineering at FTX pleaded guilty in US criminal charges related securities fraud against the company after his involvement was revealed earlier this month when authorities arrested him during a trip he made abroad at that time; tornado cash developer Alexsey Pertsev remained jailed but it seems like his project could have a comeback soon according media reports related recent events involving him during past weeks too .

Japanese Entrepreneur Crypto Losses

Meanwhile a Japanese entrepreneur and social media star said he suffered massive losses when he invested $29 million dollars into cryptocurrencies early this year which resulted in significant losses because prices dropped significantly afterwards due increased volatility affecting entire market at that time too .

CBDC News & Developments

In CBDC news ,a former US top economic adviser for Joe Biden revealed that administration is pushing launch digital dollar once available ,US actively evaluating whether digital version dollar is national interest due potential impact changes resulting from implementation ,Brazilian Central Bank said digital real being designed help new domestic businesses grow ;China drivers green-lighted use digital yuan pay tolls some nation busiest highways but failed gain traction Hong Kong visitors first few days ,Goldman Sachs stood ready bolster digital asset team promoting tokenization achieved through new platform ,Visa reiterated commitment cryptocurrencies Bitget launched social trading platform support users manage portfolios better way more easily than ever before .